The Future of Interior Design in Pakistan: 7 Trending Styles to Transform Your Space in 2023


As we step into 2023, the world of interior design in Pakistan is evolving rapidly. From minimalist architecture to sustainable design, there are numerous exciting trends that are shaping the future of interior design. In this article, we will explore seven trending styles that will transform your space and create an ambiance of comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

Trend 1: Minimalist Architecture

Minimalist architecture is all about simplicity and functionality. It focuses on clean lines, open spaces, and a minimalist color palette. This style creates a sense of calm and allows the room's features to stand out. Examples of minimalist architecture in Pakistan can be seen in the modern houses of Islamabad and Lahore.

Key features of minimalist architecture include:

  • Simplified forms and structures
  • Clean, uncluttered design
  • Emphasis on natural light and open spaces

Trend 2: Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainable interior design is gaining popularity due to its environmental considerations. It focuses on using eco-friendly materials and designing spaces that promote energy efficiency. By incorporating sustainable interior design elements, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also create a healthy living environment.

Importance of sustainable interior design:

  • Reduces energy consumption and lowers utility bills
  • Contributes to a healthier and cleaner indoor air quality
  • Supports eco-friendly practices and reduces waste production

Examples of sustainable interior design in Pakistan can be found in eco-friendly resorts and hotels that utilize solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and sustainable materials for furniture and decor.

Trend 3: Smart Homes

With advancements in technology, the concept of smart homes has become a reality. Smart homes integrate technology seamlessly into interiors to automate various functions and enhance the overall living experience. From voice-controlled lighting to automated temperature control, smart homes are no longer a distant dream.

Integration of technology in interiors includes:

  • Smart lighting systems
  • Automated security systems
  • Voice-controlled assistants for home management

To see examples of smart homes in Pakistan, visit upscale apartments in Karachi and Lahore that boast state-of-the-art home automation systems.

Trend 4: Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is a trend that connects humans with nature by incorporating natural elements into interior spaces. It acknowledges the innate human desire to be surrounded by nature and aims to improve well-being and productivity.

Benefits of incorporating nature in interiors:

  • Reduced stress and improved mood
  • Increased productivity and creativity
  • Improved air quality

Examples of biophilic design in Pakistan can be observed in offices and commercial spaces that have indoor gardens, living walls, and ample natural lighting.

Trend 5: Industrial Chic

Industrial chic is a style that combines raw, unfinished elements with sleek, modern design. It incorporates exposed brick walls, metal accents, and salvaged materials to create a unique and eclectic look.

Elements of industrial chic interiors include:

  • Exposed brick or concrete walls
  • Metal accents and furniture
  • Salvaged materials repurposed as decor

To experience industrial chic in Pakistan, visit hip cafes and restaurants in trendy neighborhoods of Karachi and Lahore.

Trend 6: Bohemian Style

Bohemian style is known for its free-spirited and eclectic vibe. It celebrates individuality and creativity by combining patterns, colors, and textures from around the world. Bohemian interiors are a reflection of one's personality and are filled with art, plants, and vibrant textiles.

Characteristics of bohemian style:

  • Layered and textured decor
  • Use of vibrant colors and patterns
  • Eclectic mix of furniture and decor pieces

If you want to infuse bohemian elements into your space, visit artisanal markets and small boutiques in Lahore and Islamabad.

Trend 7: Contemporary Minimalism

Contemporary minimalism is a fusion of contemporary and minimalist design styles. It combines sleek lines and modern aesthetics with the simplicity and functionality of minimalism. This style is perfect for those who appreciate clean, uncluttered spaces with a touch of modern flair.

Key features of contemporary minimalism:

  • Neutral color palettes with pops of color
  • Streamlined furniture and decor
  • Integration of technology for a modern touch

To experience contemporary minimalism, visit upscale apartments and homes in major cities of Pakistan.


The future of interior design in Pakistan is exciting and diverse. These seven trending styles offer something for everyone's taste and lifestyle. Whether you prefer minimalism, sustainability, or a bohemian atmosphere, the key is to create a space that reflects your personality and enhances your well-being. So, explore these trends, get inspired, and transform your space into a haven of style and comfort.

Image source: Shamo Jee

For more information about interior design trends and inspiration, check out Shamo Jee's blog. If you're looking for professional interior design services, feel free to contact us for a consultation.

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