From Pools to Paradise: Discover the Hottest Swimming Pool Alternatives Trending in Pakistan's Liveliest Homes in 2023


Are you tired of the traditional swimming pool and want to give your garden a unique and innovative twist? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the latest trends in garden lawn decor that are revolutionizing the way people enjoy their outdoor spaces. From tranquil water features to eco-friendly rainwater harvesting systems, these alternatives will transform your garden into a paradise. So, let's dive in and discover the hottest swimming pool alternatives that will be trending in Pakistan's liveliest homes in 2023.

The Rising Trend: Moving Away From Traditional Swimming Pools

In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in people's desire for swimming pool alternatives. The traditional rectangular pools are giving way to more creative and visually stunning options that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. Homeowners are now seeking unique and innovative ideas to transform their outdoor spaces into a personal oasis.

Garden Lawn Decor Ideas for 2023

1. Natural Oasis: Creating a Tranquil Retreat with Water Features

Water features such as fountains, cascades, and small ponds are becoming increasingly popular in garden lawn decor. Not only do they provide a soothing atmosphere but also attract wildlife, adding to the natural beauty of your outdoor space. Incorporating water features can be as simple as adding a small fountain or as elaborate as a multi-tiered waterfall. Check out Shamo Jee's collection of water feature designs to get inspired.

2. Eco-Friendly Delight: Installing Rainwater Harvesting Systems

With the increasing need for sustainable living, rainwater harvesting systems are gaining popularity. These systems collect rainwater and store it for various purposes like irrigation, replenishing water features, and even household use. Not only does it reduce water consumption, but it also adds an eco-friendly touch to your garden. Explore the benefits and installation process of rainwater harvesting systems on Shamo Jee's blog.

3. Soothing Escape: Designing Zen-Inspired Rock Gardens

Create a peaceful and serene ambiance in your garden with a Zen-inspired rock garden. These minimalist designs feature carefully placed rocks, gravel, and greenery to create a harmonious and balanced environment. The simplicity of the design evokes a sense of tranquility and allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. Get expert advice on designing your own Zen garden by reaching out to Shamo Jee's interior design specialists.

4. Family Fun: Constructing Splash Pads for Endless Entertainment

For families with young children, splash pads offer a fun and safe alternative to traditional swimming pools. These water play areas include sprinklers, jets, and interactive features that provide endless entertainment for kids. Transform your backyard into a water wonderland with a custom-built splash pad and create lasting memories with your family.

5. Integrated Beauty: Enhancing the Landscape with Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are a classic and elegant addition to any garden. These ponds not only create a stunning visual focal point but also provide a thriving environment for beautiful koi fish. Design your koi pond to blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, and enjoy the calming effect of watching the colorful fish gracefully swim in their serene habitat.

6. Picture-Perfect Charm: Building Charming Pools with Timber

If you want to add a rustic and charming touch to your garden, consider building a pool made of timber. Timber pools offer a unique and visually appealing alternative to traditional pools. The natural texture and warmth of the wood create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and leisure. Explore different timber pool designs and styles on Shamo Jee's website and choose the one that suits your preferences.

7. Contemporary Elegance: Adding a Touch of Luxury with Reflecting Pools

Reflecting pools serve as exquisite focal points in modern garden designs. These shallow pools create mirror-like reflections, enhancing the surrounding environment's beauty. Whether it's a courtyard or a large garden, reflecting pools add a touch of elegance and create a sense of tranquility. Get inspired by Shamo Jee's reflecting pool collection and transform your garden into a contemporary paradise.

8. Unconventional Oasis: Transforming Shipping Containers into Pools

For those looking for a unique and cost-effective pool alternative, repurposing shipping containers is an exciting option. These containers can be creatively transformed into stylish swimming pools with proper insulation, filtration systems, and aesthetic finishes. Not only are they environmentally friendly, but they also add a touch of industrial-chic to your outdoor space. Explore the possibilities of transforming shipping containers into pools and unleash your creativity.

9. Breathtaking Illusion: Creating the Illusion of a Pool with Mirror Surfaces

If you love the look of a swimming pool but don't have the space or resources for one, creating the illusion of a pool with mirror surfaces is a brilliant alternative. By strategically placing mirrors on the ground and surrounding walls, you can create a stunning reflection that mimics a pool's appearance. This optical illusion adds a touch of magic and creates a captivating visual effect in your garden.

10. Innovative Marvel: Incorporating Swim Spas for Fitness and Relaxation

Swim spas offer the perfect combination of fitness and relaxation. These compact pools equipped with powerful jets create a current for swimming against, providing a challenging workout. Additionally, swim spas also have built-in hot tub features, allowing you to unwind and enjoy hydrotherapy. Enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool and a spa combined in one innovative and space-saving solution.


Embrace the evolution of garden lawn decor by exploring these thrilling alternatives to traditional swimming pools. Whether you prefer a natural oasis, eco-friendly designs, or contemporary elegance, there is a swimming pool alternative that suits your taste and lifestyle. Revamp your outdoor space with these trendy alternatives and elevate your garden to a whole new level of beauty and functionality. Stay ahead of the game and choose Shamo Jee as your interior design partner to help you transform your garden into a paradise that reflects your unique style and personality.


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